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  Det egyptiske museum  which is situated in central Cairo, contains more than a hundred thousand objects from prehistoric time and onwards. Among the most well-known treasures are the unique funeral reliquaries from the tomb of Tut Ankh Amon, the golden mask and the mummy casket.
The museum also has a special section with mummies.
On the Giza plateau are the
3 great pyramids, Cheops, Chefren and Mykerinos, the symbol of ancient Egypt. A museum exhibits The Cedar Boat. It was found in a tomb next to the Cheops pyramid. Further on The Sphinx sits watching over the area.
  Giza Giza
Saqqara lies further south and includes pyramids, burial sites and mastabagraves, Egypt's oldest pyramid is here, Zoser's step pyramid with a giant tomb site.

Old Cairo, the old Coptic quarter, lies east of the southern tip of the Roda Island, and contains some of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Egypt, among others the Al-Muallaqa church or “The Hanging Church”, the St. Barbara Church, the St. Sergius Church and the Ben Ezra Synagogue.

Khan El-Kahalil Cairo's famous bazaar, where there have been trading and haggling since the Middle Ages. Here are traded with gold, silver, antiques, perfumes and whatever else.
The Citadel   The Alabaster mosque   The building of The Citadel was initiated by Saladin in 1176 as a defence against the crusaders, who at that time had conquered Jerusalem. On the grounds of the citadel The Alabaster Mosque is situated.

The Ibn Tulun Mosque is from the classical Islamic period. The entire mosque covers an areal of 140 times 122 meters.

Gayer Anderson House, a house from the 1700-1800 figure of Cairo's finest Islamic modtagelseshal. The house is next to the Ibn Tulun Mosque.

Cities of the dead, cemeteries with mausoleums and buildings in honor of the deceased.
Approximately 300,000 cairo citizens live and work here, where they are engaged in the maintenance of the mausoleums and buildings

The Sultan Hassan Mosque founded in 1356 and covers 7900 m˛ and is a magnificent Islamic edifice.

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